Monday, June 24, 2013

Never count on a 3 year old

Never count on a 3 year old to be anything but unpredictable.

Since Joseph was a baby, I've been looking forward to when he would be old enough to go to VBS at our church. Finally, the week was here! My favorite day of the week has been Wednesdays when Joseph goes to summer camp in the mornings. I love my oldest son, but it is so nice to have a break from him....and have some James and me time. And now it was time for VBS....a whole weeks worth of mornings with James (well, until we head to TN on Wednesday)! Joseph is very social so I wasn't even worried about him not wanting to go.

Never count on a 3 year old.

He got mad because we weren't going to summer camp (the church where he goes to that is just around the corner from our church). Then he didn't  want to go in the church at all. When i got himminside, he wouldn't sit with the 3 year old group. Then he wanted to go home. I would be lying if I said I wasn't more than a little miffed.

Never count on a 3 year old.

Of course, it's tball night for us and he's already saying that he can't go play baseball.  It's looking like it may storm and you know...I'm ok with that.

Needless to say our first day of daddy's work trip to NYC is starting with a bang.

Oh I almost forgot that I went to to run yesterday evening at Granna and papaw's and Joseph wouldn't stay. I had to walk around with him in a stroller instead....bc something is better than nothing. After about a mile, he was ok with going back and I got a little run in.

3 year olds = highly volatile

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