Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Joseph's 1st Tee Ball Game!!

I'm so behind. I've got a list of potential blog posts as long as my arm. Maybe I'll get caught up, maybe I won't.

Anyway, Joseph had his first tee ball game a couple of weeks ago. His last 2 have been cancelled due to rain. It likes to rain on Mondays around here. He did really well. It helped that his Papaw came and when Joseph balked at playing, we recruited Papaw to get on the field with him. Joseph could care less about playing defense (is that what it's called in baseball?), but he did great at batting and running bases. His team (the Giants) are actually pretty good. They didn't keep score, but I'm pretty sure they stomped the Cubs. They actually got some outs and stuff. It was great. Here are some pics:

The little girl in the pink hat was pretty much the MVP. She's good.
Headed to bat

My little lefty
Having a snack with Papaw.

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