Saturday, July 30, 2011

This week

Let me just start by saying that my finicky little eater went to a birthday party today (that's him and the birthday girl, Gabi, in the pic) and ate everything under the sun. My friends were telling me that they didn't believe me when I say that he won't eat.

Of course, I don't usually offer him ice cream, cake, and candy all the time. :)

He had a blast though..and a major sugar high!! It's always so cute to watch kids at that age interact with each other. I really hope they grow up to be good friends!

Anyway, this week has been good. Of course the funeral was hard and I was so glad that when that whole day was over. I missed most of it. The service was at 11 and that is nap time, so Joseph only made it 30 minutes before he spontaneously combusted. I was actually relieved to awful as that sounds.

But all the other days have been great. Joseph has gone on lots of tractor rides with his "Paw Paw" and has had a blast feeding the chickens and "tats." He even fed Tiny Tat all by himself tonight...4 tiny fistfuls of food for a tiny tat. Tiny Tat is a kitten that is in our old lambing barn. She is the sweetest thing and just loves Joseph.

I have done some cooking...I have made 2 recipes from the Shaw Family Cookbook as well as one of my own creation which I will be posting later. I'm always happy to cook for other people. I have eaten entirely too much cake this I will probably be off sugar for at least 12 hours when I get home...ha ha!

I have done no running. I packed all these running clothes because I was going to have someone to watch Joseph and I love running the roads around the farm..but, let's face it, it's too stinking hot and humid. I don't enjoy running in me a wuss, but I think I'm going to stop running until September.

So, we've got another full day with the family and will be heading back to Kentucky Monday morning.

I so look forward to the day when we can stay here permanently. I have so missed my friends and missed having people to talk to and laugh with. It's also been so nice since Joseph is so obsessed with his Naner and Paw Paw that he doesn't cling to me for everything. It's good when he has other entertainment/people to entertain that just me all day.

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