Thursday, July 21, 2011

Finicky Toddler

Joseph and I went to the farmer's market in Frankfort this morning. It was actually our first time to go....sad, I know....I always forget about it. Every week I say that I'm gonna go check it out and then forget. This morning I remembered!! I always love to look at all the beautiful fruits and veggies and marvel at how people are able to grow them! I was really excited to find garlic since it was on my shopping list anyway. If it looks like they shorted me on blackberries, they didn't...Joseph ate a whole slew of them. :)

Which brings me to a subject that is frustrating the tar out of me lately....

Feeding Joseph.

I swear I can't figure that child's eating habits out!!! And I would be more: " hungry" if he wasn't so dang skinny! Last night was probably the worst that I can think of...I tried everything: chicken strips, cheese (shredded, string, sliced; cheddar, mozzarella, american), cherries, banana, plum, watermelon, etc. I did get him to eat some watermelon granita (which is fabulous...try it!), but he mostly wanted to feed it to me. I finally got him to eat a little bit of yogurt and 2 doritos. The supper of champions!! Luckily by this time it was bedtime because I had just about had it.

It just gets so hard....I want to fix food for my child, but it gets so old fixing things just so that he can turn up his nose time after time. About the only things that don't seem to get old are blueberries (frozen or fresh) and banana peanut butter smoothies. I've started throwing all kinds of things in those smoothies to try to get more nutrition into them. Blending oatmeal in has worked very well. Oh, and tomatoes....but only fresh from the garden ones. So far I've only used tomatoes in our meal once...Joseph has eaten the rest.

Everything else is a toss up as to whether he will eat it or not. I know he likes blackberries now and we'll see what he thinks of cantaloupe and zucchini later. He's pretty iffy on peaches, but I don't care...I could eat that whole bag!!

Anyway, I do try not to get totally stressed by it (sometimes I'm unsuccessful). I keep telling myself that you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink.

Try to stay cool everyone!!

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