Friday, July 22, 2011

There's an onion thief on the loose....

Here's our garden as of's only 1/2 a garden right now, but I'm hoping to get the other side ready for a fall garden. Why? Because I've got and I might as well use it.

Our cherry tomato is flourishing....but Joseph gets almost all of them. I have to pick them when he's not looking bc if he sees me pick them, then he MUST have them...right then.

These will probably be ready tomorrow:

My pretty bell pepper:
Some carrots that survived the bird attacks before we put up the scarecrow:
Joseph eating the onions that I had pulled up earlier this morning to dry in the sun.
I know they are tiny, but their tops were dead so they weren't going to get any bigger...they taste fine, they are just miniature.

I raise miniature onions. It's the new thing.

Tell your friends.

And be warned that there is an onion thief on the loose....
And he will run clean off with your onions...

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