Friday, November 5, 2010

I can't ALWAYS be upbeat...

Someone made the comment on Facebook a while back that Joseph always looks so happy. I thought.."DUH...I'm not usually snapping pictures of him when he's throwing a fit!!" He IS generally a happy baby and a joy to be around, don't get me wrong. Another Facebook comment I got recently was that my statuses tend to be so upbeat that I make motherhood look easy. PSSSH! Things are not always what they seem. I try to be an upbeat person. I try to see the good of a situation and not get bogged down in the day to day trials of being a stay at home mom. I must tell you though...I had a major set back last night. If you read my post yesterday you would see that I planned to go to bootcamp, go for a run, and ride my horse. I went for a run. It was a great run, but that was as far as I got with my list. I'll write more about the run in a minute. Joseph fell asleep before the lunch bootcamp class so I had to miss that. I TRIED to keep him up, but he just wasn't having it. Things were looking good for getting my ride in though....Joseph went to sleep early (at 7 sharp) and I got dressed and headed out to the barn. I no more got Spice saddled when my phone rang...uh oh. It was Michael and the Munchkin was up....and ANGRY! He had been trying to put him back down, but Joseph wasn't having it. I had Spice unsaddled in less than a minute and was out the door, back in the car, and back on my way home. I got home, but did Joseph stop crying for me? NOOOOOO! It took me another hour to get him settled down and back to sleep. I ended up nursing him back to sleep which I hate to do and try not to, but I was soooo exasperated. I know these set backs are only temporary but I was really getting in the groove. Tonight will be my last night at bootcamp until at least after Thanksgiving or until Joseph gets a nap schedule that doesn't keep me from every class. That combined with the thought of not being able to have my night rides at the barn really got to me. I feel like what little freedom I've carved out for myself is gone. But enough of that...quit being such a downer, Jules!

I did have a rather nice run yesterday. It was sunny and 52...perfect running weather for me. I can't stand getting too hot when I run. I took the baby jogger and Shelby again. I really booked it for the first mile and shaved a minute off my time! I had a bit of an issue in the second mile when out of no where a loose dog jumped on Shelby and I screamed and was just about to start kicking, but the dog was a good listener when I told it to "GO ON!" However, it's Basset Hound friend was not such a good listener and thought he needed some exercise. So, he went with us. Which would have been just fine...he was friendly and I don't mind exercising other people's dogs, but Shelby acted like a complete fool. I discovered something next dog needs to be a Basset and it will be my running buddy because they actually RUN beside me instead of prancing/trotting/generally mocking my slowness like Shelby. Yep, I need a Basset Hound..or maybe a Dachshund...something with short legs. :) Anyway, even with Shelby's foolishness, I had a great run...faster than my usual pace even with the jogger. It was so uplifting that I cooked steak for supper with asparagus (which Joseph liked), au gratin potatoes (which Joseph LOVED) and homemade bread. I'm really in the mood to bake cookies today....don't know if I will or not though. Cookie dough does sound so good though!

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