Thursday, November 11, 2010

Crafts with a 7 month old...

I saw a great Thanksgiving craft idea online the other day and I just HAD to make a onesie with Joseph's hand and footprints making a turkey. I mean, how hard could it be? I got a bath all ready since I knew he would instantly go into the bath once we were done. I laid out paper all over the floor and put paint in little plates. I dipped his little hand in red (all is going well) but then the little squirt clenched his fist and would not open it. I tried to get him to but he started bawling. Obviously he was not enjoying arts and crafts time, but he had already smudged red paint on the onesie and I refused to let it go to waste. So, I got a footprint out of him and then gave him a bath.I painted the feathers on myself and filled in his footprint a little.

I think it turned out pretty cute regardless. He will be sporting it on Thanksgiving.

In other news, it's been a pretty good week here. Joseph continues to do better with solids. He is still waking once or twice a night, but we're dealing with it. I've had a couple of pretty crappy runs this week...I think I run better in the cold and it's been in the 70s this week when I've run. I am also missing going to the gym really bad. My iPhone is gone...I got a new phone that just does basic stuff....which is weird for me. But I thought it was silly to be paying $30 a month for a data plan for my phone when I have a laptop next to me 75% of the time. We are getting Direct TV this weekend. No more cable! YAY!! I am trying to clean off the DVR now. I think today is going to be a How I Met Your Mother marathon. :)

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