Monday, February 1, 2010

Baby Shower and More Nursery Pics

Some of the grad students threw me a baby shower this weekend. They did such an awesome job with it. Of course, we also go a big snow this weekend, so that cut down on the attendance, but I still had a wonderful time. Check out the cute cupcakes that Charlotte made: They were so yummy. The decorations and favors were just precious:
The chocolates were mint chocolates that Charlotte MADE. They were so cute. They were shaped like cows, pacifiers, and chicks (I think...I ate that one a little too fast to see what it was....they were delicious). The favors were little bookmarks with either a cow or sheep on them. And just a note on the table cloth: Charlotte made it. Yep, she's a girl after my own heart.

Cute little farm scenes on the mirror.

I got some really great gifts! I put Michael to work at the photographer. He drove me to the shower so that I wouldn't have to drive on the slick roads.

The crib:

Some of the great stuffed animals I've received already (I know you aren't suposed to put stuffed animals in with the baby in the crib, but this does keep them away from Shelby who really wants to chew them):
The mobile:

Awesome blanket that Sarah made:
I decorated these chipboards letters with scrapbook paper (got the idea from a book at Hobby Lobby) and hung them on the wall. It was actually harder then I thought it would be to find barnyard paper.

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