Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Family Vacation

First of all...I'm happy to say that this blog has passed 10000 pageviews! I know about 2500 of them were Michael. Ha Ha!

Anyway, we took a little mini vacation this past week. My friend, Libby, from college posted about a painting class in Germantown (which is right near Memphis) where you could submit a picture of your pet and an artist would sketch it on a canvas for you to paint. You could also bring wine and snacks. The proceeds went to the Street Dog Foundation. Wine, painting, a good cause, and Libby? I was so in. Luckily my Aunt and Uncle who live in Germantown were going to be home and we were able to visit and stay with them.
James was creeping on some wine

He loved opening the cabinets under my Aunt and Uncle's bar

Itching to get in the water

Loved his first time in the pool

Trying to escape to get back in the pool

My other Aunt and cousin Bussy came to visit while we were there.

James once again trying to get in the pool.

James' first baseball game

We went to the Memphis Redbirds game to watch Chris Carpenter pitch (he's a pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals)

Of course Joseph wouldn't sit with us.

Libby ready to paint her masterpiece
The photo I sent in of Shelby

My finished canvas

Showing off our artwork. So much fun!

It was a great weekend away. I can't wait to get down to Memphis again to visit everyone. Libby has started running and we are talking about doing a color run or a beer run together.

In less upbeat news, I would like to ask for your thoughts and prayers as I go through something that is leaving me feeling very broken down. It's not a health issue...just emotional. I'm working to get through some very dark feelings and trying to get back to my mostly upbeat self. I thank you for your prayers.

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