Friday, July 5, 2013

The Great Buffalo Chase 5K 2013

Katie and I before the race
The Great Buffalo Chase 5K was the first race I ever ran back in 2006. I have only missed 2 since...once my ankle was broken, and last year, I was almost 8 months pregnant. It's one of my favorite races...and I've run a lot. I love to run and smell the bourbon and watch the Kenyans fly (I'll get to that in a minute).

This years race day could not have gotten off to a more rocky start. A few weeks ago, I made plans for my sister in law to keep Joseph over night. Michael and I both wanted to run this race and we only had a single jogging stroller. So, we could take James or Joseph, but not both. However, last week, my SIL messaged me and had to cancel (No hard feelings, seriously). So, to keep this from happening in the future, we bought a double jogger.....that sucker is a whole 'nother post.

So, the weather started looking unfavorable with storms in the forecast, but we hoped for the best. AND THEN, James had to add another kink...he decided to stay up for the better part of the night. Michael and I were both exhausted when the alarm went off, but we were prepared to persevere. Then the rain came...and it poured. Michael graciously volunteered to stay home and I headed out, prepared for a very damp morning. It actually wasn't that bad. By race time, it was just least it wasn't hot.

This is a great course winding through the bourbon buildings and then down a picturesque back road. I even saw a runner dart into the trees to pee......that was a first for me. Good times. Anyway, it's pretty much flat and one of the best parts is that they off quite a large prize for 1st as well as added money for anyone who could break the record (14:12). The folks who come out are ULTA fast. It's amazing to watch. The course loops back, and they run by toward the finish before I can even get a mile. The winner this year ran it in 13:49. INSANE!

The results are here. My stinking chip didn't work so my chip time and gun time are listed the same at 38:27. However, my friend, Katie, and I crossed the start at about the same time and hers was 30 seconds less (gun-chip) so I'm counting mine as 37:57 which means I met my goal of breaking into the 37s.YAY! I never thought that I would be so happy about such a slow time.

My next race will probably be the Tiki Trot 5K in Versailles at the end of the month. I haven't decided yet though.

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