Sunday, October 31, 2010


Joseph was not a fan of his costume. It didn't help that it was 60 degrees. I thought he looked pretty darn cute though! He did not Trick or Treat but stole plenty of candy out of our candy dish and chewed the wrappers. :) He sat out front with me and helped give out candy to the neighborhood kids.

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  1. Joseph looks adorable! Thanks for the jogging stroller advice. My husband actually thought up a really good idea. I am going to try putting my laptop in Jasper's room and using skype to call my iphone and then run with my phone up and down the street. Kinda like carrying a baby alarm. If I hear crying, I dash home. Not the most exciting run, but no different than a treadmill really. It just seems like once it hits the 50s it's too cold for little hands and feet.