Saturday, October 30, 2010

Black Cat Chase 5K 2010

The whole family ran the Black Cat Chase 5K last night in downtown Frankfort. It's the largest 5K in Frankfort by far. 1540 runners entered this year. It was a bit crazy. I don't like big runs and I learned that I REALLY don't like them while pushing a stroller! I started in the back like the strollers and people with dogs were supposed to, but it was a nightmare to try to get any open space to run! Michael and I had been doing training runs with some people from my gym every week for the past month to get used to the course. It's a tough one with a gradual hill all the way to the capitol building. Well, we had been doing our training runs around the capitol annex which has an even steeper hill to get around it. Someone had said that this was on the race route, so we trained that route. I got a little frustrated because even on my good runs, I still couldn't seem to get much below 40 minutes. My Ipod said I was going 3.5 miles, but it's not uncommon for my iPod + to be off. Anyway, I was feeling this run last night. All the sprinting and shuffling that I did to get out in the open had taken it's toll on me. By the time I got to the Capitol, I was already planning to walk around the Annex. Well, people started cutting behind the Capitol instead of going around the Annex. My first thought was "cheaters..." but then I realized that they wouldn't let people cheat. I wanted to cheer...I wanted to scream....I was so happy!!! It gave me the extra pep I needed to keep going. I didn't walk at all. However, I did have to stop a couple time to put Joseph's hat back on because he kept pulling it off! The clock said 37:55 when I crossed the finish line, but my official chip time was 36:10! I achieved my goal of running it in under 37! Michael and Shelby did great and finished in 28:15!! He had the same issues of trying to get around all the walkers with a dog. Not easy! Joseph did pretty good considering we ran through bedtime. He started crying some during the last mile, but it just made me want to finish faster so that I could pick him up and get him home. He REFUSES to sleep in a stroller!

Here are some pics from last night:Joseph was Darth Vader!

Shelby was not interested in taking pictures...he wanted to see people!

I was in the back so that's over 1500 people in front of me!

"Let's go!!" I took off the costume part of his hat before the race. It was already getting on his nerves. I was pretty impressed with my $20 stroller did great! In other stroller news...there was a man with a double stroller with LITTLE twins in it running in like 5th place. He came looping back around before I even got to the mile marker. I wanted to yell, "GO STROLLER DUDE!!" I don't know where he finished since his name was not "Stroller Dude." He was moving on though!

I would like to do a race in November. I've never done a November race before. Michael has already told me that I am doing it alone. It was about to cool last night for him! It may just be Shelby and me...he doesn't mind the cold!!

Oh can see the results for the Black Cat Chase here. I was 897th and Michael was 506th.

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