Friday, October 1, 2010

Michael's Birthday

Yesterday was Michael's birthday. As always, I made a cake for him. I put a lot of thought into Michael's birthday cakes. I had an idea that I thought would be very easy and quick to decorate, but I was wrong! It would have been easier if I hadn't tried to rush and if I hadn't had a munchkin needing attention. But I'm getting ahead of myself....first I would like to share some of Michael's cakes from past years.

Here is last year's cake:So it wasn't a "cake" cake, but cupcakes instead. I decorated them with candy corn, m&ms, lifesavers, gummy worms, and laffy taffy. I thought they were pretty cute.

Cake from 2008:
Probably the easiest cake ever.

2007 Cake:
Most awesome cake EVER!!! If you know Michael, you know of his love of Mountain Dew.

So here is this year's cake:
If you can't figure it out, it's Legos. The cake and icing were from The Girl Who Ate Everything (Love her) and was SOOOO good. The cake was "The Best Chocolate Cake" and the icing was "Frosting that will get you hugs." I used Oreo Cakesters for the "prongs" I had intended to add a little milk to the icing and dip the cakesters so that they would be all nice and smooth, but the icing dissentigrated (sp?) when more milk was added. Then I tried to make a glaze, but that was just a big ol mess. I was going to make another 2 prong piece, but I ran out of icing and I was exhausted and my kitchen was a mess (imagine that!) and so I stuck with 2 Legos. Michael loved them, so I guess that's all that matters.

We got Michael's step mom to watch Joseph and we went out to eat steak. It was wonderful for just the two of us to go out. When we got home and got the munchkin in bed, we ate some cake. I guess the sugar got to us because shenanigans ensued:
Daysie was jealous that Shelby was wearing the ribbon and not her....

Shelby didn't want to wear the ribbon...he doesn't like "looking pretty."

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  1. I thought your Lego cake looked great. For some reason I couldn't picture what it would look like. So glad that AM watched the munchkin while you & Michael went out. Can't believe you got Shelby to wear that ribbon for a pic! The Mt Dew cake is the star so far, I think...