Monday, November 23, 2009

Christmas Crafting

Over the past few years, we have spent WAY too much on Christmas gifts. Both Michael and I love to give gifts so much, and I LOVE to shop for them. However, this year, we decided to be a bit less wasteful of our money (esp since we need to get ready for a baby!!!!!). So, I am doing lots of crafts for gifts. I finished a few this weekend and decided to share them. I will try not to put gifts on here that are for people who read the blog. However, I make no gurantee.These first couple of ornaments are not gifts. I have ornaments for each of the cats and so I needed ornaments on the tree for Shelby since this is his first Christmas with us. I found these unpainted ornaments at Joann's Fabric and they were 50% off so they were only about 40 cents each. I bought a couple of sets of these to paint for other people.These are ornaments that I cross-stitched. It took quite a while to finish these. They were stitched on plastic canvas and backed with felt.
Now I am probably proudest of this little piggy bank that I painted for my cousin's little girl, Lainey. I start out with either unpainted banks or ones that I find at yard sales, etc. I then sketch a design, paint them and add accessories. I've done lots of these (Camo, Superheros, Sports Teams, etc). Lainey's favorite color is purple and she likes ballet so I designed this purple ballerina piggy for her. Now I think I have a design for a Princess piggy that will work nicely for my other cousin's little girl, Ella. Stay tuned....
But first....I was inspired while watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas (LOVE IT!) last night and sketched this piggy bank. Don't know if it will ever get made, but it sure would be pretty awesome, I think!

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  1. Shelby's ornaments are soooo cute! Lainey's bank is adorable.