Saturday, November 12, 2011

What I'm Working a crazy person

 Little wooden superheros. I'm doing 2 sets...a DC one and a Marvel one. They are going to my cousins' little boys. I think they are turning out super cute so far. I've actually started a few more since this pic was taken.

 I've been crazy busy. Every spare minute I have has been spent crafting or perusing Pinterest for ideas for more crafts. My goal is for 75% of our Christmas gifts to be handmade. Don't worry if you are on my won't get a crap handmade'll get a freakin awesome handmade gift.

This is something new I've been trying:
 It's a bowl made of paper twine and fabric scraps. I brought home this big basket of paper twine from my parents' house recently. I had it left over from a project from back in high school...and I had a lot of it. I also had a lot of random fabric scraps. I saw an idea on Pinterest and thought...hey I can use paper twine for this. It's a bit cantankerous, though. I'm actually surprised that I spelled "cantankerous" right the first time without spell check....either that or spell check gave up on me. Anyway...I've actually finished the above bowl and have started another one. They are pretty cute.

 Made these necklaces for my cousin's little girls. I really hope the darker blue one is big enough...if not, I guess we could make it into a bracelet.
 Got the idea here....of course..Pinterest strikes again.
Headband and headbands in the works...made from tshirts. Very cool stuff.

Well, I would love to stay and chat, but I have little superheros calling my name to be finished...well, they would be if I had painted their mouths yet! :)


  1. OMG, love love love the superheroes! They look fantastic!

  2. Hey, crazy lady-I can't wait to get my freakin awesome handmade gift!! Seems like I recognize that basket material...Pretty fab items you have been manufacturing:)

  3. You and your mother are the reasons why our family can not have a homemade only Christmas! The rest of us would be put to so much SHAME!!!! I love all of your stuff......just too cute! Bussy