Sunday, November 20, 2011

What Have I Not Been Working On?

 I laid out almost all of the things I've been working on since my last "what I've been working on" post. I looked at it and was tired and proud, but very tired. And amazed at how much felt I've cut! Yes, some of you are looking straight at your Christmas gifts. But you don't know which you are getting so I don't care! I did leave on project out of the photos because I want it to be a true surprise.

 I've made 20 all colors.
The superheros. The Marvel set is finished. Superman and I have been fighting over his symbol and Batman and I have had issues with his eyes. Once we make peace, they will be done. I also made pouches for them out of felt. This was my first attempt at blanket stitching.

 The Marvel guys: Spiderman, Wolverine, Iron Man, and Captain America. I will definitely be making a set of these for Joseph later....
The fabric basket I showed half done last week

 This one didn't have enough twine for a bowl so it's going to be a hot pad.

 Headbands and bracelets made out of tshirt scraps.

A scarf and pin set. The pin is a felt flower and the scarf is made from t-shirts.

 Felt flower pins

 A basket made out of old Chirstmas cards.

Christy, remember that shoebox card?

 I made boxes out of some other cards.

Tonight, I will be sewing these guys. They are monster dolls for Joseph, my friend Ellen's little girl, and my friend Christy's little boy. I'm pretty excited about them since they will be my first stuffed doll sewing experience!

In other news, I made my own hand soap this week. It was actually super easy. Just grate a bar of soap (8 oz). Add a gallon of water and 1 Tbsp glycerin and heat on the stove until the soap is dissolved. Then let it cool for 10-12 hours. The original tutorial is here. I used the same soap she did and it smells heavenly.

I also made my own "green" cleaner. I've been wanting to go green with my cleaners for a while, but I didn't want to waste what I already had so I waited until I used it up. The recipe for the one I made is as follows (and I love it):
Gorgeously Green All-Purpose Cleaner
2 c water
1/2 c white vinegar
3/4 c hydrogen peroxide
1 tsp liquid soap
20 drops lavender oil
20 drops tea tree oil
 The original recipe is here and there are also lots of other great cleaners on this list.

Today I made some tangerine marmalade during J's nap. It turned out pretty well. It was my first attempt at making my own fruit jam-type stuff without mom's supervision.

I know it sounds like a lot...and it is. But for those of you who wonder how I have the time and energy....this is what I have to say: crafting is fun. I love it and enjoy making these things. I know a day will come when I think..UGH, I don't want to make stuff. That is why I am working like the dickens to get stuff done now. Also, Joseph takes consistent 2-3 hour naps for the most part and that gives me the uninterrupted time to get all this done. But really, I just enjoy it..and when you enjoy something, it just doesn't seem like work. :)

I know I didn't do a menu for this week. It was really a pretty boring menu...spaghetti and such. This coming week, I will only be cooking 2 days at home since we will be leaving Wednesday for my parents' house for Thanksgiving. YAY!


  1. Now I can see what you have been doing with your time and why we pretty much just cross each others paths on Pinterest:) The only difference is I haven't made anything... You should be very proud of what you have made! Mom

  2. OMG, you are a crazy woman! I cant even manage to get pictures in frames! I am so impressed- you really should start your own something. I guess a blog is something though.... I laughed when i saw your card basket- I was going to comment that the card looked familiar before i even saw our caption. Cant wait to see your adventure into stuffed doll land... They look really cute!