Monday, November 28, 2011

 One of the things I love about using natural cleaning products...Joseph can help! We were spot cleaning the carpet.

I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving! We went to my parents' and as usual had a blast.
 Joseph feeding the chickens.

 It doesn't get any more "farm fresh" than that egg!
 He was actually a good boy and didn't break it!

 A set of twin calves

 Joseph got to play with his friend Gabi. Sadly this is the only picture I got.

And his favorite thing....hanging with Paw Paw!

We got the pleasure of coming home to a house that stunk of cats. So, I spent the day today doing "Operation De-Stink The House." I have to say that the carpet powder I made with baking soda and lavender oil worked wonders. I spent most of my day cleaning and mopping and doing laundry....but it no longer stinks in here. YAY! I had planned on doing my Christmas decorating and while I did bring in a box or two, I couldn't think about Christmas until the smell was gone. I'm pooped or I would put the tree up tonight. It will have to wait until tomorrow. 

I'm really behind on my recipe posts. I'm really hoping to get caught up soon...before the Christmas baking begins and I get REALLY behind! 

Oh, we had an interesting development this past week. Joseph started climbing out of his crib. The first time he did it, I stuck him back in his crib, but he fell the second time. So he's now in a toddler bed. I'm not taking it very well. I don't know that it is so much that he's growing up...I think it's more that naptime and bedtime had gotten so easy and now he can just run around his room and play and put off going to sleep. So far it's gone ok...not great, but ok. He woke us up knocking on his door this morning at 4 AM. I hope that was a fluke. Where does the time go?

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