Monday, September 8, 2014

A weekend of trails!

My beautiful view from the backside of Capitol View Park

My first half marathon is in less than 2 weeks. I decided to go on and do my 10 mile training run this weekend since I had done 9.3 the previous weekend, it wasn't a big stretch. I woke up Saturday morning to horrendous humidity and lack of desire to get out of bed. I decided to hit the trails instead…sometimes a change from pavement helps the morale. The trails at Capitol View Park are about 11.5 miles if you do them all. I set out to do at least 10 but secretly wanted to do the whole dang thing. I had plenty of time, getting started just before 7 am. The first few miles weren't that bad with the exception of Shelby not keeping up. The longest trail run I had done before Saturday was 5 miles, and I could feel that. My mapmyrun app was also off in its measurements which was playing with my head. It was about a mile off by the time it was all said and done. Anyway, at mile 6, I wanted to quit. It was humid, I was having trouble breathing, and I just didn't want to keep going, but I kept on and then decided to quit at mile 7. But I was waaaay away from the car at the point so I just started back that way. BUT, I decided that I was going to finish this…didn't matter how long it took. So I started walking….a lot. I got almost back to the car and noticed a trail I hadn't seen before. So I took it. When I got back to the car, my app said I had run 9.05 miles but I guess it was really close to 10. I know the section I left off is about 1.5 miles. I almost did it, but the park was getting busy with mountain bikes, and my feet were wet and felt like they were getting blisters, so Shelby and I loaded up and went home.

Sunday, I had been invited to go horseback riding at Shaker Village. I have not been on a true trail ride in FOREVER!!! I couldn't sleep I was so excited. I dropped the boys off with a friend and went to load my horse. The lady who invited me came and picked us up and off we went. Spice is not used to a slant load trailer and she was at the back, so when I opened the door, she started backing out. When she realized she could step off the trailer, she kept going and her bungee line that was tying her in the trailer snapped and she was loose. Spice is not easy to catch on a good day. She paraded around and 5 or 6 people tried to catch her but she just toyed with everyone until she was ready to be caught. After that, we were ready to hit the trails. We picked a 6 mile loop that went by a small waterfall. Well, we got off that trail somehow and ended up looping back by the trailers. So we stopped to eat our lunches. Then we decided to set out to find the waterfall again. We found it that time and had a blast finishing up that trail. Spice did so good. She really is amazing on the trails. We got back to the trailers, got the horses cooled off and loaded and headed back to Frankfort. I know Spice slept good last night. It truly was one of the best weekends I've had in a good long time. 

Now to set my sights on this week of playing the role of single mom plus the last stages of half marathon prep.

Some pics from the trails:
Spice tacked up and ready to go.

Spice and Bud taking a break

Water crossing

Spice doesn't like selfies

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