Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Book Report - January

I didn't really do much as far as new year's resolutions go. I did decide that I wanted to read more this year. I thought 30 books in a year sounded resonable and also would be a vast improvement to what I normally read. I love books. I buy them all the time....I prefer used paperbacks. I will spend hours in a used bookstore in the bargain section snatching up books for one or two bucks. I have had to rein myself in though, since my books are taking up more than my allotted three shelves. I unloaded quite a few at a yard sale last year....and I've been going to the library more now instead of buying books. But anyway, I thought I would share my progress for the month of January. I didn't do too bad...I read 6 books. One of them was really short though. Here they are (and for good measure, I am sharing some of my thoughts on each book):

1) In the Presence of Horses by Barbara Dimmick
         I only borderline liked it. I didn't like the main character. She really just got on my nerves....always thinking that she should be unfeeling when it came to horses. I never quite understood or cared about where her issues came from. She also had a comment about western riders (she rode english)...that if they needed that much leather to stay on a horse then they really weren't good horsemen. Bleh. And, in the end, it was like the author got bored and just wrapped it up in a least that was how I felt.

2) War Horse by Michael Morpurgo
         I just had to read this after I saw the movie. The book is for children and lets just say that it's a lot more toned down than the movie. I really liked it though....even if it is just another telling of Black's like Black Beauty in war time. 

3) Definitely Dead by Charlaine Harris
         I love all the Sookie Stackhouse novels. I love True Blood on least I did before we stopped getting HBO. This is I think the 6th in the series. They have all been good quick reads.
4) The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins 
         I seriously couldn't put this book down. Any time Joseph was entertaining himself, I would pick this book up. I think I read it in like 2 days...and for a mom with a toddler, that's saying something. I CAN NOT WAIT for the movie to come out in March. I had heard of this book before, but with the premise being a televised fight to the death, I didn't think it was up my alley....I was wrong. So good. Best book I've read in a LONG time...... 

5) All Together Dead by Charlaine Harris
        7th in the Sookie Stackhouse series.....Just as good as any before it. 

6) The Confession by John Grisham
        I love John Grisham. We went to the same college. I think his books are amazing and they really make you think....sometimes about things you don't necessarily want to think about. This book is not of my favorites, though. It was good, but I found myself skimming at times....just wanting to know what was going to happen....not necessarily caring how it happened. It made me cry a couple of times though. Unlike the last Grisham book I read that was about a wrongly accused man, I really wanted this one to regain his freedom. 

I've already read one book this month. Wow..I know. I also picked up another Grisham and another Sookie book today at the library. They are on the same isle of books and Joseph doesn't usually give me much time to look before he spontaneously combusts. Lets just say that you get some pretty dirty looks when you have a crying kid in the library. I want the next book in the Hunger Games series so bad but it's NEVER in...and the list is soooo long. I will probably end up buying it. Also on my want to read list are The Girl Who Played with Fire and The Help....those are also ALWAYS out. Woe is me...

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