Thursday, April 14, 2011

Joseph's 12 Month Pics

I finally finished taking Joseph's 12 month pics yesterday. I am so proud that I finished them before he was 13 months! I had taken a couple that were worthy of being official "12 month pics," but I really wanted some more pics.

Joseph was being very cooperative yesterday....his pants were not. My baby is tall and skinny. Most 9 month pants are too short and 12 month pants are too big in the waist. It usually isn't as bad as it was yesterday. He was literally walking out of them. I found a clip that I had given him to play with when we left the house and used that to clip his pants to his diaper. It worked ok.

The day started out bad when I got downtown to shoot the pictures yesterday morning. Joseph was all dressed, cooperating, and I had found a great location to start. However, my camera battery was dead. And this isn't the kind of camera you can run to the store and buy batteries for. No, it's a rechargeable. And I only have the one battery. So, we went back home.

I was determined to get those pictures done yesterday. I had good reason...the site ( that I order my nice pictures from was having free shipping through midnight last night. If you know me well, you know that I don't pay shipping and will do just about anything not to....including getting my child dressed up twice and driving downtown twice in one day. That pretty much consumed my day yesterday.

Here are some of the best pics I got. Enjoy!

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