Wednesday, August 7, 2013

First Day of PK3

It got hairy there for a minute when Joseph informed me last night on multiple occasions that he couldn't go to preschool. He didn't like it. We went to visit the school on Back to School Night a couple of days ago. He seemed fine with it then except that he was mad that he couldn't play with this dinosaur toy that was in another classroom. He kept wanting me to leave and when I wouldn't, he was ready to go.

So then he starts in on the "I didn't like it." *Sigh* "I want to go to summer camp" *Sigh*

This morning, I went to wake him up and the first thing he said was, "I can't go to school today, mama. I didn't like it." But I got him up and got him dressed. I even got his hair somewhat's always wild in the mornings and I held him down and ran a toothbrush over his chompers.

I was most excited that he humored me by holding the sign pictured above and smiling for the camera. If you know Joseph, you know that he likes to balk at doing anything I really want him to do.

He was fine when we pulled up to the school. He said, "I be ok. It be fun." *thank you, Jesus*

He had a little meltdown when we got into his classroom because he still wanted to play with the dinosaur that was in another classroom. *sigh* But he shaped up when he saw another little boy playing with cars. I then told him bye and kissed him on the head because he was too busy to give me a proper hug and kiss.

I can't wait to find out how his first day went.

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